me as rockhopper

rockhopper-with-red-guatar.JPG look at me (click pic)


~ by Fl Gater on March 25, 2007.

19 Responses to “me as rockhopper”

  1. this picture makes me want to go oustide and nail someone in the head with a basketball

  2. y?

  3. idk

  4. Hey everybody! I just made this Riddle for cp! Plz spread it around and try to figure it out! No one knows it yet!
    Be the first to get it right and get your site advertised for 1st place!


    Transporting from here to there
    In this blue portal
    Leading to a secret room
    Know by few mortal
    Secret message on the board
    Second word is key
    I’ll give you a little clue
    You CAN do it with tea
    Go to the room from the clue
    That I just had to share
    Wearing the red face paint around
    Cheering without a care
    One more story, there you go
    An older game played here you know
    Rainbow in an adventure
    6 words back dare ye venture?
    This is what I think of you
    If you get it right woo hoo!

    What is it?

    Hope you get it!
    Good Luck!

    Visit my site for more fun and later I might give the answer to the riddle! !
    See you!

  5. woa thats pretty…hmm i can do it 2 its awesome but u get banned soon after BUT NOT FOR ME!!!!

  6. Hey, how do you make your headers?

  7. can i borrow Fl banned forever and i was as old as u…

  8. your usin cptrainer 2 duh

  9. kewlio ur rockhopper with a red guitar

  10. good picture

  11. cool how do u do that i want to do that

  12. cool igloo

  13. qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm123467890

  14. anyone who saw rockhopper for real please tell me. and what does he give?

  15. I

  16. I used to get on Rockhoppers account but i forgot how please tell me agian.
    P.S. i met Rockhopper

  17. I have penguin sawyerjones i get on mamoth to.

  18. Join the Blue Vikings they are the best army. The leaders are Sawyerjones and Hital. We have lots of troops dont worry. Are enemie is Gold. Gold team stinks thoe so go on mamoth and we will fight at the dojo!

  19. yeah!

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