About Me

I am about to be 9 yeas old this coming month (March 2007).

I love Club Penguin (http://www.clubpenguin.com/index.html). I spend most of time playing. My father does not really like it. But as long as I learn more about computers, he lets me do it.


14 Responses to “About Me”

  1. HA! i like this site please click on my name and go 2 mine

  2. Dont worry your father will like it it is totally appropiate its asbout club penguin. im only 10 so i try hard 2 make it kool i saw u 1ne on cp

  3. ok

  4. Son,
    I am proud of you…
    next you learn how to create a cool website using drupal

  5. THX 🙂

  6. Good blogg, excellent english. I am s\you fathers friend

  7. I love this site its awesome!!!!!!!

  8. Vincce, was ur sister or cousin called Pinky on Club Penguin? Please email me back! waddle3773@hotmail.com the answer

  9. Hi Vinnce,
    I like your website. I want to join a Kangaroo Club cause I don’t like penguin….how do I find a Kangaroo Club?

  10. hey i like your site

  11. ש» ¿ẅªďďℓәзггз¿ «©×¤

    ^ hello hacker.

  12. ha

  13. hey vinnce its me ur bud on cp

  14. hi dudes

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